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Projects using Sparkle Grain

Union Square, San Francisco

UNION SQUARE SF Sparkle GrainA San Francisco Trolley car passes along Geary Street while the Grant Street sidewalk shows off Pacific Palette’s 16-grit Black Sparkle Grain placed in gray colored concrete.

Creating a Sample

Making a sample with black sparkle grainAn important part of the process for creating a beautiful Sparkle Grain surface is to make a sample. Samples can be used for testing and to provide mock-ups for client or architect approval. In this photo, the grain twinkles and sparkles, reflecting the sunlight as it is broadcast onto the surface of the concrete. Once on the surface, it will be troweled into the cement paste.

Hartman Residence

Vertical Patio Sparkle Grain HartmannThe sunset plays off of the water and the Sparkle Grain in the concrete providing the pool deck with texture to help reduce slipping as well as an aesthetic that shimmers and twinkles.

The architect chose a 16 grit Black Sparkle Grain to be lightly broadcast into a concrete bed of 50% Platinum Gray and 50% French Gray which produced an understated elegance for the hardscape patios, stairs and pool deck.





Atherton Residence

Atherton Sparkle Grain Pool DeckThe Architect and designer for this Atherton Residence required a blend of 50% White Sparkle Grain and 50% Black Sparkle Grain to give it a glitter from both sides of the spectrum. We like to call this our Yin Yang blend. The two different colors of Sparkle Grain each have a unique sparkle, the white being subtle and the black being bright. Custom lids were also made for this pool deck with the Yin Yang blend.

O'Neill Residence

Tom Applying OneillsThis ramp was made in 2016 for the world famous inventor of the wetsuit, Jack O’Neill, who liked the bejeweled organic look of the 36 grit size Sparkle Grain Ying Yang blend and how it added a slip resistant texture.

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